A non-denominational Christian camp that welcomes all ages for

spiritual growth in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance.

P A C I F I C    R E D W O O D S    J F O

​​​​​​HORIZONTAL HOUR  An hour of rest and personal reflection of the morning activities.

​FREE TIME  Explore the gorgeous surroundings, engage in group activities (see below), and visit with campers.

PRAYER GROUPS  Joining our hearts in prayer and meditation, the natural language of communion with God.  (Preschool-High School with Youth Group)


SINGING  We gather again as a group to share in harmonious singing.

EVENING TALK  An evening talk from our Speakers. (Preschool-Junior High with Youth Group)

9:00 Peace Prayer and then reflect on the evening talk and activities of the day with campers before bed.

QUIET TIME (Young Adults & High School with Youth Group)

MORNING MEDITATION  Beginning the day with quiet reflection in the presence of God.  Meditations are often guided and include music or passages fitting the morning beauty. 


SINGING  We greet each morning with joyous singing and letting the spirit move us.  

MORNING TALK  Speaking from their own experiences, our Speakers share their spiritual journeys.

(Preschool-Bigs with Youth Group)

YOUTH PROGRAM  From infants to young adults, our program offers activities for personal exploration and meaningful sharing.

RHYTHMS  Using exercise and movement as a means of experiencing wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

CREATIVES  Listening to God and allowing Spirit to flow through writing and art.


In addition to our Daily Program, we offer activities and events throughout the week during free time and after the program. These activities vary year to year but often include our camper welcome, kickball, campfires, unofficial beach day, Fun Night, Letters to God, a World Prayer Broadcast, nature hikes, pickup football/frisbee/golf, and our book table.


The daily program is a breathing in, and breathing out experience designed to tune the whole person - body, mind and spirit - into the work that God is already doing in our midst. Through the natural rhythm of the day, one finds times of outward, active participation and times of inward, creative rest.